Running Sum with Stacked Bar

AttuAk Member

I would like to build a card to show results by time period but also add a line to show the cumulative percentage.  Something like the image I have attached.  I can build the bars, but how do I add the line that is a percent of the total over these time periods?



  • Valiant

    This is done automatically for you when using the Pareto chart type under the 'Vertical Bar' section



    Give that a go and let me know if that's not what you're looking for.





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  • AttuAk
    AttuAk Member

    This is close but I still need the values to be stacked to be able to show a series.  Is that possible?

  • rahul93
    rahul93 Contributor

    Use a Line + stacked bar. Sort your series such that the cumulative percentages are first followed by other categories. Making the percentages first ensures that they appear as a line. 

  • user12150

    How could you achieve a graph that is like a pareto but the bars are stacked?

  • rahul93
    rahul93 Contributor

    In order to create what you want, you would choose the line + stacked bar char. Create a column that has the percentages and values. For example : 
    Base Dataset:

    A    |  B 
    qw 10
    zx 10
    as 10

    Target Dataset: 

    A   |   B  |  C  |   D
    qw  10     V    10
    qw    10    P    33.3
    zx  10     V    10
    zx    10     V    33.3
    as    10    P    33.3
    as 10     V     10

    V stands for Value and p stands for percentage. Column A would be on the X axis , D on y- axis and C as the series. 

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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