How can I search annotations


I am very interested in using Annotations for historical information to give feedback on the data.  However I'm expecting that overtime I'll have many annotations on weeks/months.  Is there a way that I can quickly search annotations to find what time period that annotation happened.  An example is if i know i changed sales compensation 3 years ago but I can't remember which week/month, I want to be able to search Sales Compensation and it tell me when an annotation with those keywords exists.


I'm finding I can use the search (hour glass in top right) to search and it finds a buzz feed message that indicates that an annotation was created, but I'm not sure how long those buzzfeed messages are stored and if that really is the best way to search since it is searching ALL of domo and not just my specific card containing the annotations.


  • laura_igl

    Can anyone help with this request?


  • Rich
    Rich Domo Employee

    I think this is a great question, and search is probably the place for a solution to this. I'd recommend adding a request for a feature to search annotations. This could be done either be adding a specific type of result for annotations or perhaps by adding in a specific filter under buzz results for annotations. 


    The best place to enter this request is to visit the Dojo Ideas Exchange You can search existing ideas and then vote for it if it matches what you have in mind. If you cannot find it, please create a new Idea which can then be voted on by your fellow Dojo members by clicking the white arrow next to the idea.

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