Is it possible to have a text value in the summary number field? (e.g employee with highest sales?)


 I know that it is possible to concatenate certain values in the summary number field, and use HTML to change colour. However is it possible to have a straightforward string, dependent upon values in the view? For example, the name of the employee with the highest level of sales over the past year? I hope that this makes sense!


Many thanks fellow DOMO-ites.



  • ST_-Superman-_

    If you are always looking at the top performer over a static time frame (last 365 days, previous quarter, previous year, etc.) then I would recommend creating a rank column in a data flow.  


    Your summary number could then be:

    concat(case when `rank`=1 then `Name` end, ': Top Sales over the Last 12 Months') 


    This would get a lot trickier if you need to be able to adjust the time frame while looking at the card.

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