Name matching methods and solutions?

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Hello everyone,


I would like to get any methods the community has used when ingesting large datasets and matching them against data already stored in a database. We possess a large database of business records and ingest data given to us by partners.


The criteria we match on are business name and business address to determine whether or not the incoming record has a business in our system or not. The incoming data is often not clean or standardized so we are struggling to produce a good match rate.


Ficticious Example:


Incoming Record:

  • Name:"Policy 123- ford motor co"
  • Address: "1 Car Dr Suite 101, Detroit, MI 999991111"

Desired Business record we need to programatically match in our database:

  • Name: "Ford Motor Company"
  • Address: "1 Car Drive ste 101, Detroit, MI 99999-1111"


We would like any feedback from the community who face similar situations and advice on how to deal with the above types of matching situations. Kinds of feedback we are looking for:

  1. Overall step by step method on how you deal with matching unclean data
  2. How to leverage DOMO to identify common patterns to later create programatic rules to deal with them
  3. Any DOMO features or other third party solutions that can help with our struggle

Thank you very much for any feedback


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