Facebook Ads Conversion


I want to create a report showing conversions and conversions value of facebook ad campaigns. I can't find these metrics in the facebook ads connector. Does anyone know how to get that data into Domo?




  • Hi,

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?


  • Rich
    Rich Domo Employee

    Hi Michelle,


    I'm working with a client right now that uses the Facebook Ads Advanced connector and they are able to get 13 columns with conversions and conversion values by using FB Pixels. 


    I believe the columns you'll be looking for to drive these insights are:


    * Actions

    * Unique Actions

    * ActionValues 


    When those columns are selected in the connector setup process, the resutling dataset returns these columns. If you are using FB Pixels you should be able to get results from those columns. Good Luck!

  • TQ Rich. that's helpful.