Calculating Months Between Dates




I am attempting to calculate the months between two dates as precisely as possible.


I don't want to just compare the months themselves, since that would make the consecutive dates of  4/30/18 and 5/1/18 (months 4 and 5) have 1 month passed. 

I know this can be done roughly by calculating the days passed and dividing it by the average # of days in a month, but is there a more precise way to do this that compares once that same day (ex. the 10th) is reached or passed on a following month to signify the passing of a month? 




  • KVincent

    My suggestion would use the datediff feature then have that be divided by the number of days in the specific month you want to reference. So I would begin with a beastmode to assign each month how many days are in it.


    (case when month= 4 then 30

    when month =5 then 31

    when month = 6 then 30 etc


    then you could write a statement like datediff/month from beastmode and it should give you a more precise count on months that passed

    I know that this wasnt the most precise answer but maybe it can start some other ideas