May 2018 update includes zip code maps. Has anyone actually figured out how this works?

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The May 2018 update release makes mention of zip code maps. Our organziation has been clammoring for these since we got Domo a year ago. So upon reading the release notes for the May 2018 update, and seeing that zip code maps were finally a thing, there was much rejoicing to be had in our office. That was until we tried to produce a zip code map.

The release notes direct users to the Chart Properties page for more information. Actually learned some things about charts, so not a total loss. But there's nothing about zip code maps to be found. I put in a feedback and did get a response that it was a new feature, thanks for pointing this out, and here's our understanding of this completely new feature:

"it looks like you go into a U.S. State map and drag your Zip Code column onto the “FIPS” area, and this populates your map with ZIP code info without the need to show counties. That seems to be it in a nutshell."

But when trying that, I get a map full of data displayed by county. There must be some additional steps. Has anyone figured this out yet?


  • Valiant

    Looking over the new features it looks like the new map features didn't make it in with some of the others I've confirmed are there (ie, custom alert messages, DomoStats). I was hoping to play around with the Custom Chart  type but when following the documentation I realized I don't have any options related to Custom Charts. I'm hoping there's a follow-up update soon.

    If someone else got the new charting options, I'd love to hear about it.



  • rahul93
    rahul93 Contributor

    Yep, I dont think the custom charts have made it through. 


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