Beast Mode as a quick filter (save issue)


I have a beast mode case when statement that doesn't involve any aggregation that I am trying to use as a filter. It is relatively simple and I am using it to try and look at one particular warehouse against all others. I am able to add this in as a filter and it works fine the only issue I am running into is when I try to add it as a quick filter the analyzer will no longer let me save the card. I get a "There was a problem saving your card. If the problem persists, contact the Domo support team" error.



when `CO_LOC_REF_I` = '551' then '551' else 'Not 551'


Does anyone know why this might be occurring?


  • PodiumMason
    PodiumMason Contributor

    Hey @user02674,


    Not sure why this is occurring, I just attempted to replicate the problem and I wasn't able to. (My beast mode worked fine without any aggregation as a quick filter). 


    Just curious is your column `CO_LOC_REF_I` numeric or text? I wonder if it has something to do with going from numeric to text. (if that is even the case)


    The other option would be to hit up Domo Support on buz @DomoSupport or


    Let me know what you end up finding out. Best of luck!



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  • user02674

    It is a very curious issue that continues to plague us to some extent. What ends up happening is the card won't save with certain things in quick filters. However, after trying to save multiple times and sometimes bringing in individual quick filters and saving one at a time it works. 


    I have been able to get them all to work eventually, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the issue and it is time consuming.