Case When


This is confusing to me. I am used to If, then statements.


Could someone tell me the error when using this statement. The idea is when the discount level is 0 I want to divide it by 64, if it is not 0 then I want to divide by 24.


This is what I have. 


CASE WHEN `Discount`=0 then `Quantity`/ 64  else  `Quantity` / 24 




  • ST_-Superman-_

    Every case statement needs to finish with an end statement:


    CASE WHEN `Discount`=0 then `Quantity`/ 64  else  `Quantity` / 24 END


    You will also need to make sure that the `Discount` field is a numeric field.  If it is text, then you will need to do:

    CASE WHEN `Discount`='0' then `Quantity`/ 64  else  `Quantity` / 24 END

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