Extracting time from datetime stamp

cwolman Contributor

I am trying to extract the time from a timestamp in a redshift dataflow and cannot get the hours to extract correctly.  My datetime field is in UTC and I need to convert the time zone to EST which is fine but when I try to get the time from the time stamp it returns the hours of the UTC time and not the converted timezone.  Any help would be appreciated.


Screenshot below shows my first column stored in UTC, second column is the converted time zone and the following fields are my attempts to extract the time from the converted time zone value.






  • laura_igl


    Is anyone able to help out with this request?


  • user02823

    I am having a very similar problem.  I put my documentation in a help ticket.

  • emendoza
    emendoza Domo Employee

    Have you tried splitting out the conversion and then extraction of the dates in different transforms? That might help pinpoint if it's a functional issue or if it's order of operations.

  • DDalt

    That seems really weird. I reproduced a few of your time stamps in a data set and then copied your code and it seems to have returned exactly what you were originally looking for.


    So this would seem to suggest that there aren't any errors in the way you have written the formulas.