Graph showing by month, average condition for 16 different rooms.

Vanita Member

I need to create a graph where I show, by month, the monthly average condition of each of 16 different rooms.  Each room will have 4 to 5 values for every month (one per week) and I need to take the average of that for each room and show it on a stacked bar graph.  Attached is what I got started, but the issue I am having is that I am unable to sort properly to show all the 5's at the top and 1's at the bottom.  5 being bad and 1 being great.  See attached image.


  • Jsun82
    Jsun82 Member

    Have you tried sorting with 2 parameters?


    Try it with date (to keep it as you have it) and then by the value (1-5).  You may have to change the aggregation to get it to look right.