Is there any way to replace x-axis and y-axis (without changing Excel file)?

I would like to change X axis and Y axis on domo card. In case if ì want to keep the original format, is there anyway to swap X and Y on domo card visualization?


  • The visualizations are controlled by which columns from your Excel file you decide to drop into the X and Y axis. This allows you to setup whichever axis combination you want.


    Let me know if you have any other questions.





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  • As stated by Valiant, if you go into analyzer, the fields you select to place into "x-axis" and "y-axis" make up the visualization.  There is a default that Domo selects, but you can easily change all of the inputs.


    If you are still having issues can you send a screenshot of your analyzer?

  • Thank you very much for the advice.

    As I am trying to exchange X and Y, still not able to how to controll on DOMO.(ì am using data connector with BOX) What ì want to do is, specifically, to set the month (May, June, july...) in the place of AA, BB of attached picture.

  • Ah, I see.  Currently you have "Name" as your category, so that is why you are seeing the letters at the bottom.  Also, you are using the "grouped bar" graph instead of the "single bar".


    Can you share what the base excel file looks like?  I just need to know the format to try and get the information looking like you want it.

  • Again, thank you for your comment. Sorry for the late responce due to holiday season in Japan.

    I attach my excel file. Though I know how to change the graph by changing excel file, I would like to know if anyway to change it in DOMO .

  • I would use a simple ETL transform "Collapse Columns".  Here is a link to how to do it:


    I've attached some files that hopefully will help.

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