Multiplication with a constant value returning incorrect numbers


I am multipling some columns in the table with *1000 as there is a need to convert 1000s to Millions on our business end.

For eg. 222,000 is multiplied by 1000. I expect a result of 222,000,000. But I don't get the expected result. I see an increased number.

Has someone seen this issue before? I am using the Calculator tool for the multiplication in the Magic ETL.


-Abhishek Shah


  • Jsun82
    Jsun82 Member

    Are you seeing the incorrect totals within ETL?  I would make sure that you aren't experiencing a rollup later on.


    Also, another option would to multiply the values with a beast mode formula on your output.  It could keep things cleaner.

  • rahul93
    rahul93 Contributor

    Can you provide some screenshots. Just want to see what kind of 'different' numbers you are getting as the output.