Multiplication with a constant value returning incorrect numbers


I am multipling some columns in the table with *1000 as there is a need to convert 1000s to Millions on our business end.

For eg. 222,000 is multiplied by 1000. I expect a result of 222,000,000. But I don't get the expected result. I see an increased number.

Has someone seen this issue before? I am using the Calculator tool for the multiplication in the Magic ETL.


-Abhishek Shah


  • Valiant

    Are you summarizing the number first and then multiplying by 1000? 


    Can you show a screenshot of how you have the calculator tool setup?




  • user00629

    Thanks for the reply.


    You can check the workflow and the configuration of the calculator tool in the attached workflow.

    The other tools are not doing anything to the fields that are in the calculator tool.

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