Is your Workbench GUI broken?

SeanPT Contributor

I opened up Workbench this morning and was welcomed with an update message. Unfortunately, after closing the update message I was taken to a Workbench window that lists all of my jobs, but I don't have the tree view on the left nor do I have the output/preview panels on the bottom.

When I select one of my jobs, again, without the tree view on the left I can't get to any settings (like to update the SQL query as I was going to this morning).

And, maybe related maybe not, I'm having issues getting jobs to actually run.


I have a ticket open with support but I'm curious if anyone else is seeing this post update.


  • cwolman
    cwolman Contributor

    I am not sure if this is your problem but do you not have the windows docked?  You should see a tab on the left of the screen for Accounts and tabs on the bottom for Preview and Output.  Clicking on any of those tabs should open the panels.


    No other advice to offer since my workbench UI is functioning normally this morning.

  • SeanPT
    SeanPT Contributor

    Unfortunately that wasn't the case.

    I ended up backing up the registry and then deleting the WindowLayout and JobGridLayout keys. Once I restarted workbench, my GUI was reset and I was good to go.

    Once it was reset I could see what you and support were talking about but that wasn't my issue.


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