High Service Clients App Installation Guide

twhip Domo Employee
App Name:High Service Clients


SECTION 1: Publisher Information


Publisher Name:Acceleration
Support Email:appsupport@acceleration.biz
Support Phone:801-805-9505
Support Web Address:www.domo.com/client-services/domo-support



SECTION 2: Standard DataSet Information  


App DataSet NameConnector NameConnector Report Name



SECTION 3: Custom DataSet Information 


DataSet Name:Support Tickets plus Cost Information

What is the DataSet used for?

This DataSet contains information about tickets that were logged, processed and billed.

Field Name

Data TypeReport Name / Object NameSourceDescription of FieldPrimary key?
Request DateDateCustom ReportHelpdeskThe date of the original ticket request 
StatusTextCustom ReportHelpdeskThe ticket status 
Ticket NoTextCustom ReportHelpdeskThe unique identifier for the ticketYes
Customer NoTextCustom ReportHelpdeskThe unique identifier for the customer 
Customer NameTextCustom ReportHelpdeskThe customer company name 
StateTextCustom ReportHelpdeskThe state the customer is based in 
Total CostNumberCustom ReportHelpdeskThe total spent on servicing this ticket 
Total BilledNumberCustom ReportHelpdeskThe total billed to the customer for this ticket 



SECTION 4: Implementation Steps

Step 1: Create a report in your helpdesk system that contains the above field information

Step 2: Connect the report into Domo

Step 3: (Optional) Prepare the data by renaming the fields

Step 4: Switch the sample cards over to the live data

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