Calculating 7-Day Moving Average (Beastmode)

Hi I want to have a rolling 7 day average revenue for every day. Ideally, I would want the average revenue for 7 days previously for every day. 


  • Gimli
    Gimli Domo Employee


    Here is a great knowledge base article on this subject:

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  • This definitely works.  Also, it may be easier to use the ETL transform "Rank and Window" with the subfunction average for the window of 7 days depending on how your data is laid out.


    If there is only one data point per day, or if you can group by day without affecting what you want to see in the output, it may be a slightly simpler solution.

  • Thanks for this response! I'm not sure how to use the Rank and Window option in the ETL and would love some guidance. From the attached screenshot, I have been guessing how to take just 1 day before and after to see what the average is but the values are not correct. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

  • Here is the rank and window link:


    And the video:


    It looks like you have set it up correctly (hard to tell without seeing the base data).  It should be calculating the average of 3 values (day before, the day itself, and the next day).  Can you let me know what calculations are actually occurring?