Hubspot "choice of fields" connector - multiple rows and extra fields appear


I'm hoping to pull in a selection of fields for all of my Hubspot contacts - for example, some standard fields like email, user ID as well as some custom hubspot fields like "opted out of marketing" or "completed onboarding sequence".  


I've configured the Hubspot > "All Contacts with Choice of Fields" connector and selected the fields I need.


Unfortunately, the resulting data set has a few major issues.


1. Lots of extra, unasked for fields, like "list-memberships_static-list-id", conversion-id", "other-vids" and a bunch of extra unasked for data

2. Some of these extra fields seem to have multiple values - like the "list-id" one - and now my data has multiple rows per user (one for each list id, for example).  This results in a data set with millions of rows, while my hubspot contact is actually multiple-thousand users


All I want is a simple data set of all users and their field values.  Is anyone familiar with how to configure this connector to do this?


Many thanks!



  • laura_igl


    Is anyone able to help out with this request?