Quick Filters on a Drill Path Card


This took me a few minutes to figure out, so hope it may help someone else as well!


If you add a quick filter to a drill path card, even though it appears in the analyzer/editor view, it will not appear on the saved card -- UNLESS -- you also add that same quick filter to the TOP LEVEL CARD. 


May be a bug, may be by design... I'm asking Domo support to check into it either way. 



  • HBouman

    THANK YOU for posting this. I had the same issue today - a user added a couple of quick filters within a card's drill path but we could only see those quick filters once we enabled them on the top level.


    Thank you for contacting Domo Support about this. 

  • adam_mx

    Domo support confirmed this is a bug:


    "Our development team has found a fix for the reported behavior. This is currently going through initial testing to ensure the proposed changes will fix this behavior."


    Case #05657225

  • ankitraheja

    Is this fixed? I am getting an error on this

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