I have two labels for the data in my card's legend. How can I change the names?

I have no idea how to modify the labels.




  • Hi,

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?


  • Are you saying that the data you have has two different categories, or are you saying that you are seeing 2 different names for the same set of data?


    In either case, you could fix this in the base data, or you could do this via beastmode.  If you only have 2 distinct data sources and just want to rename it, this is what I would use:



    when `Label` = 'Old name 1' then 'New Name 1'

    when `Label` = 'Old name 2' then 'New Name 2'

    else 'Error'



    The "error" field will let you know if anything falls outside of those two labels.


    Hope this helps!