Continous data line graph


We sometimes have the problem when building line bar chart with companies as series value and displaying e.g. the number of users in a specific time period we get dot data points in case the following period has 0 amount. Is there a way to show it as continous line that when the number of users in week x+2 is greater than 0 we don't get a dot data point but a continous line from week x to week 2 - the line goes from x to x+1 to 0 and then up again. 




  • ST_-Superman-_

    You may be able to make it work by graphing a beast mode rather than the value field:


    ifnull(`value field`,0)


    If that doesn't work than you will most likely need to include a calendar dimensions data set into your data flow so that you have a data point for each day.

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