Card will not load in CHART view

I have a card that has been working for months but today, the data won't load into the card (but dataset works and is updated) and it will only display if you switch to TABLE view but not with default CHART view.  I have some math variables defined that are pretty heavy in using CASE stmt and some calculations.  See attached.  Is this a known issue?


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    Hi @user00667,


    Usually when this error comes up it's due to one of the calculations on the graph having a divide by zero error. Is it possible that with data refresh you might be seeing an instance where that could be happening?


    One thing to do would be to look at the data inside the analyzer/card builder so you can seee what's displaying on the graph, this might help you locate the issue.


    let me know if this is helpful or if you have any additional questions.

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  • Thanks for the info.  That's what I was afraid of and will need to analyze the data to see what's probably causing the 'divide by zero'.

  • Oh well, only one formula with a division operation and I don't think this should cause DBZ issue:


    CASE WHEN `Invoice Charges` > 0 THEN (`Gross Margin`) / `Invoice Charges` ELSE 0.00 END

  • So, what I found out was if I apply a date range filter (is between) to a datetime field, the card works just fine.  It doesn't matter if all the data is included or not, it works if the date range filter is applied.  If I remove/delete the filter, it fails to load.  I also tried other filters like on string fields, numerics, etc, they all work as long as there is a filter.  Weird.  Is this a DOMO bug?  Attached sample of Chart view with data now,

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