Creating "Other" group in a chart

How do I write a beast mode that will group a large collection of small values into an "Other" group (Say any with a sum of values under 200) without specifying the members of that group?


Edit: I should mention that these would be sums of multiple values. Meaning multiple rows per day but the sum is still <200 in the time frame specified. 

I want a pretty bar chart without needing to export to Excel.


  • If there is only one instance for each value (i.e. each customer name appears only once) then you could use:


    Title the beast mode formula something like "Adjusted Group"


    case when `Value` < 200 then 'Other' else `Group` end


    `Value` = your values you are checking to see if they are smaller than 200

    `Group` = the grouping you are trying to sort by

  • Yes, I should have specified that there are multiple values in each. I'm looking for the sum.

    I'll edit the post. 

  • I'm not sure if this can be done in beast mode, but I know it can be done in mysql and in ETL transform.


    If it were me, I would just "group by" as a transform for the relevant field and then run the same formula that I posted above.  Is there any reason you would still need to see the individual entries?  That would be the only drawback of this solution.

  • Darius
    Darius Domo Employee

    Is the goal to have this group created for your category (usually X-) axis, or is this for your series in your chart?

    Darius Rose
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  • Yes, that's the goal. 

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