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  1. Domo received data from other systems. The data in ERP system and financial system can be drilled down to original record and audit trial to do data validation. Data in DOMO is from report level and have different integrations and manipulations to change the appearance of datasets and cards. What options in DOMO can authenticate data accuracy?
  2. Normally users operate in accounting system, financial system, or ERP system are required reasonable accounting/finance knowledge to keep the data correction and accuracy. However, users in DOMO can manipulate data without considering the pre-requirements. What options in DOMO to prevent data from wrongly manipulating?


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    For your first question, this is something typically done during a consulting engagement in which reports from your ERP system are aggregated to match the aggregations being done in Domo to validate the numbers. This may require another technical resource, so we would recommend you reach out to your account's Customer Success Manager to discuss your options.


    For your second question, this would be managed by user permissions. There are currently four levels of security provided for users: Admin, Privileged, Editor, and Participant. The specifics of what each level is allowed to do can be found in this Help Center article.


    Generally, these are the actions each role can perform within Domo:

    Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 11.39.50 AM.png

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    Seems the 4 user permission levels are little limited if cope with the high security requirements of ERP systems for mid ~ large size company. Would Domo has plan to extend further user permission layers in the system?

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