Sorting Ascending Count with a Series not working


I have created a card using the stacked horiztontal bar that has a count of "Key Message Name" on the X axis and the "Key Message Name" on the Y axis. I am able to sort the counts ascending before I add a series to break out each column by customer type but after adding a series the ascending sorting functionality does not work. I appreciate any help with this! 


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    This is something that can be managed by using the Chart Properties within the card builder. Once you have added the x-axis, y-axis, and series as desired, you can then navigate to the Chart Properties menu, select "General," and then select the options presented under "Sort on Totals." I've provided a screenshot below for where that can be located, and additional information on the available chart properties can be found in this Help Center article.


    Sort with Series.png

    You also have the option of sorting on the totals using the chart properties and sorting on the series values using the Sorting field. Below is a screenshot of what that would look like:

    Sorting both total and series.png

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