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We have a lot KPIs that we track on a weekly/monthly/ quarterly basis. In order to show e.g. how our customers are performing over the time by a certain date frame we currently need to use the pivot table view. 


If we use the cards and want to show the numbers in a table form we need to user beast mode calculations to display the different week values. Is there a way to have the different date columns for one dataset already as value in a table view without using beast mode calculations? 




  • creed
    creed Contributor

    Hi @user03941


    I believe that beast modes are going to be the best option since you have different time granularities in the table (i.e. YTD, monthly, and weekly).


    Our period over period charts can provide some of this functionality but there is not currently a table chart type that supports period over period, and they only support one date granularity at a time. Another option would be to use a dataflow to create these columns.


    Please let me know if you have any questions or would like some examples on how to do this in a dataflow.


    Thank you,


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