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Reports are key to our business ~ we need to send reports to customers at a regular, tailored frequency. In our previous BI tool we could

1) export as PDF

2) customise the exact layout of the report 

3) attach the report as a PDF


The only customisability I've thus far found in Domo is adding filters per report.


Can anyone provide any insight on whether the following can be achieved:

1) customise the report layout

2) attach the report as a PDF

3) basic layout changes such as removing text at the top like 'sent by XXX<user>' or 'filtered by shopid = XXX'?

4) basic layout changes such as cards expanding to full screen [currently they only take up the middle of the screen and use about 30% of it, and many columns don't appear]


I've also tried contacting Domo support but they've taken minimum 2 weeks to respond to my last queries so I'm hoping to get more support on the Dojo!




  • laura_igl


    Is anyone able to help out with this request?


  • ST_-Superman-_

    There are pretty limited options when it comes to editing Domo reports.  Domo seems to put more emphasis on viewing live data inside your instance.  Have you considered using the Domo Embed feature to place cards on a customer facing page?  


    I find that it is sometimes better to consider what is possible with Domo rather than focus on trying to get the same reports you had previously.  I would imagine (without knowing your use case) that your customers would benefit more from a live feed of data rather than looking back on what was presented at the end of the month/quarter.


    I would ask your Domo CSM to set up some time with some Domo consultants to lay out your business needs and see if Domo has a better solution for you than emailing PDFs.

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  • mccreathbecky

    Thanks @ST_-Superman-_, this was a helpful redirect. I'm going to investigated Domo Embed now!

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