How to fix processing error in upsert?


Hi all,


We are trying to update our data via the merge update option (please see the image below). 


domo update.jpg

We are also updating our query in the "details" section with a statement like

SELECT columns

FROM table

WHERE tiemstamp>tiemstamp of last run


But every time we try it we get the following error message:

domo error message.png

What does this error mean? If we run the dataset again, it returns the same error, so it is not fixed. Are we doing something wrong in how we are implementing this? FYI: Domo has already implemented the upset functionality, so we should be able to do this. Mainly, we want to undertsand what the error means, so if anyone can help, this would be much appreciated. Thanks!


  • laura_igl


    Is anyone able to help out with this request?