Pausing branches in Magic ETL


Is there is a way to pause a branch on the ETL layer? We have flows that create more than one output, and it would be helpful to skip processing for certain branches of the flow during specific periods. 


For example, in the below screenshot we would like to pause the “star” branch so that nothing on the top of the screen is processedETL.jpg


  • KurtF
    KurtF Domo Employee

    This is an awesome suggestion and it's something that is available in several other toolsets. You can "disable" steps to prevent them from processing. It's kind of like commenting out code in your SQL.


    Any chance we could get this on the roadmap for Magic ETL?

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  • Jsun82

    I don't think there is a way to do this currently, and I agree this would be helpful.


    However, there is a work around that I've used that may help.  If you save the current version and then notate the version then delete the branch you want to pause, you can do whatever testing is required and then revert to the earlier version.

    I know this doesn't solve everything, but it may save some time if you are trying to test the different branches indivudually.