Custom Connector how to choose which JSON node to pull data from


I'm creating a custom connector and the JSON format follows this pattern {"code":0,"message":"success","data":[{"website":"https://redactedwebaddress","monitor_id":"15223002603958004","use_ipv6":false...............etc


When I attempt to parse the JSON it returns code and message data however I would like to start pulling from the data node, without caring about code, or success. Right now it messes up the columns



DOMO.log(' ' +;

if( == 'Monitor List'){


function monitorList(){
httprequest.addHeader('Authorization', 'authtoken ' + metadata.account.apikey);

function processRecords(url){

var res = httprequest.get(url);
DOMO.log('res' + res);





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    I haven't actually built a custom connector (although we plan on doing this in the future), but it looks like you can write JavaScript code in them. I took a look at the documentation and if my assumption is correct, maybe try this?


    DOMO.log('res' + JSON.stringify(JSON.parse(res).data[0]));




    That should select the first element of the data array which is a JSON object, convert it into a string and use that instead of the entire object.


    I hope that helped! I am curious if that works.


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