How to create a drill path that will apply filters to a different Domo page


A coworker showed me a very cool way to use a table card to allow you to "drill" into an entirely different page in Domo and automatically apply page filters based on the data that was in that row of the table card.  I had to share:


CONCAT('<a href=''['
-- Change the numbers after "page/" to match your desired Domo landing page

-- First Data set to apply filters to (replace the dataSourceId with the data set identifier you want to add the filter to)
-- "column" is the name of the field in your target data set
-- After "values" you list the Field name in the table you are using
,'{"column":"Reporting Period","dataSourceId":"4b6aef29-6b37-4760-bfb3-3e71e682c5b4","dataType":"string","operand":"IN","values":["'
,`Reporting Period`

-- Second filter to apply to the first data set

,'{"column":"Part No","dataSourceId":"4b6aef29-6b37-4760-bfb3-3e71e682c5b4","dataType":"string","operand":"IN","values":["'
,`Part No`


-- Second Data set. You can apply different filters to different data sets via this beastmode
,'{"column":"Reporting Period","dataSourceId":"f185452a-fd6b-4f2b-a20d-72e58b5b2ebf","dataType":"string","operand":"IN","values":["'
,`Reporting Period`

,'{"column":"Part No","dataSourceId":"f185452a-fd6b-4f2b-a20d-72e58b5b2ebf","dataType":"string","operand":"IN","values":["'
,`Part No`


-- Replace 'Part Details Link' with what you want the link to say
,']'' target="_blank" title="Open in Domo">','Part Details Link','</a>'



This will let you apply filters to a page via a table card (I recommend selecting the "Do not allow to drill down to data source" option so that the only thing they can click on in the table is your link) 2.png



Clicking on "Territory Details" will bring you to this page -- already filtered for the specific territory, etc that you clicked on:3.png



My head is spinning as I'm trying to think of new ways I can use this trick.  If you think of some other cool uses for it, please post them Smiley Happy

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  • Valiant

    I like the possibilties with this, but having seen visual level filters at Domopalooza I'm a little hesitant to go down this road just yet. 


    Might be more applicable in some other use cases from what I'm thinking though.

  • ST_-Superman-_

    Agreed, but I haven't seen those features in production yet, and I don't know what their release schedule looks like.  This can be done now.

    “There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” -Superman
  • operatives

    Is it possible to have the calculations in a table drill down to the column and a row value? Example:


    Sales RepJan 2018Feb 2018Mar 2018
    Tom Cruise$400$300$100
    Don Johnson$500$100$400


    If I clicked on the $300 table cell link for Tom Cruise, the drill down would apply the filters "Sales Rep = Tom Cruise" and "Date = Feb 2018".

  • Hi @operatives -


    The first question that I would have is related to your data.  You mentioned that the drill path should apply two filters "Sales Rep=___" and "Date=___" but your table does not display a "Date" field.


    You would first need to have a data structure that was flat.  Something like 




    1/1/2018Tom Cruise0
    1/2/2018Tom Cruise0
    1/3/2018Tom Cruise125
    1/4/2018Tom Cruise30
    1/5/2018Tom Cruise0
    1/6/2018Tom Cruise0
    1/7/2018Tom Cruise0
    1/8/2018Tom Cruise45
    1/9/2018Tom Cruise0


    My next question is how many reps do you need to display?  I am not aware of a way to apply multiple filters to a drill through path in a table card, but you could do so with a different visualization:Start with a Bar ChartStart with a Bar Chart


    Drill path applies the value of both AxisDrill path applies the value of both Axis





    “There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” -Superman
  • operatives

    Yep, data structure is flat. The table is using a calculated field to create a column where all the sales amounts are aggregated by month/year. So there is a calculated field for Jan 2018, another for Feb 2018, etc.


    I agree that I can use a different visualization, but would it be possible to do from a table chart type?

  • The only option that comes to mind would be a heat map:1.png




    “There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” -Superman
  • operatives

    Heatmap works! Doesn't look the greatest, but it does work well for building out drill down filters.

  • I agree.  I'm not crazy about how it looks, but if you had enough reps and months to look at, it might highlight some outliers.


    Alternatively, you could adjust some of the properties to give a more uniform look:


    “There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” -Superman