Analyzer vs Edit in Analyzer

Should be easy to find the answer to this, but I don't seem to be able to.  Is there a difference in clicking the Analyzer Alchemy Bottle button vs clicking the wrench and going to Edit in Analyzer?


The reason I ask, I recall reading somewhere that users can edit/filter any given page and it will save for them, but not alter for anyone else.  Since I have editor access to my organizations instance, I am hesitant to use any method in fear of altering everyone elses view.  Currently I've been saving copies of other people's cards and modifying that to fit my needs, but if there is a way to edit/filter existing cards without affecting others, I'd prefer to go that route.


  • So both the Analyzer (Alchemy Bottle) and Edit in Analyzer take you to the same place. What you can do though is apply filters to an existing card while viewing it, and then you can click the wrench and "Save As". 


    If you have filters applied when you "Save As" the filters you've applied will be maintained in the new copy. 


    Let me know if I can help with anything else,



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  • Thanks for the reply @Valiant.


    But unfortunately I don't think that applies to what I'm trying to do.  I was looking for the ability to do this (a web snipet I recieved from a peer)





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