Pulling Data From an API Using a Hashed Signature for Auth


I'm trying to pull data from an API into DOMO.

The API is using an apiSignature for Auth. The apiSignature is created using using an HMAC_SHA256 hash of a date string using a private key.

A new apiSignature is created for each request using a current date string.

The apiSignature, date string, and public key are then sent along with each request.


I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to get this data into DOMO.


Connectors don't support this type of authentication. I've thought about trying to create a connector with `no auth` selected and creating the apiSignature in the data processing script to pass along with requests. However, this sems like a hack and, from what I can tell, you can't pull js libraries into the data processing script. I'm not super excited to write my own HMAC_SHA256 implementation.


I've looked a little bit at the Workbench but, it doesn't appear to be meant to make API calls to get data...


I haven't looked too hard at the DataSet API. Maybe my answer lies there? Anybody know and have direction there?


The only other option I've thought of is to write up a proxy api that uses an auth scheme supported by Connectors that just makes these requests and passes them along to the Connector. I'd rather not have to create and support that service if I don't have to though.


Any suggestions or direction?