can we add Colors to SUMO card?


I have a sumo card created, and it has some calculations, which has range of percentage. And I have a threshold for certain percentage range like- 0%- green color.

1-50 % Yellow, 50-100% - Red color. I know we can see this in Card - Color properties. But is there a way we can do it in SUMO Card. As Business User is interested in seeing the PIVOT VIEW.


2. If there is any way we can add Pivot view to the card option- will be happy to do that.

3. If that is possible, can we club SUMO card(Pivot view) and Card Grapgh view together ?





  • Valiant

    Currently no you cannot add color to a Sumo card. However, they are making strides in bridging the gap between the table card and the sumo card soon. Perhaps this is something that will be hopefully be included in that.



  • Techy007

    Thanks for your response. I am waiting to use this feature.

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