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Heyyy folks,


So one question here. I created a domo publication group with some cards from the template. But when I try to add filter on the datasets (so that our clients won't have access to other publishers datasets), the pages just became unviewable and the acess group become (1 access group, 0 configured) from (1 access group, 1 configured). Could you let me know how to set the filter and make the page work? Thanks. Here are some screenshots.




  • Tomo
    Tomo Contributor

    Hi. @user04420


    In "Step 2 - DataSet", select the column to filter.
    In "Step 3 - Access groups", specify values to be filtered for the column selected in Step 2.

    In the attached image, it seems that "filtering value" is not set in "External Reporting Group".


    An example

    Step 2: eternal_reporting_1 - FILTER ACCESS - PUBLISHERS_ID (Column): PublishersId (Name)

    Step 3: External Reporting Group - PublishersId (Name) - 11423281 (Value)