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Hi folks,

This should be a fairly straight forward question. So I need to do a calculation that finds the revenue from 12 weeks ago. I know that I can use weekofyear(). However, since it's only 6 weeks into 2018. This method wouldn't work untill later in the year. Is there a beast mode function that allows me to actually get the weeks from 2017? A friend on Domo suggested this as a solution but it won't give me the revenue from 12 weeks ago. Please see screenshot for details. 





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  • PodiumMason

    Hey Leon,

    To get revenue for the last 12 weeks, you could create a beast mode that utilizes the date_add() function. 

    SUM(Case when `Date` >= DATE_ADD(`Date`, Interval -12 Week) and `Date` <= NOW() then `Sales` else 0 END)



    EDIT: Just saw your example that you included. Based on the example when the revenue from last week is greater than 100 and the gross revenue from 12 weeks ago is less than 10, then last weeks gross revenue?


    My solution probably isn't the one you're looking for, but I might be able to help with some clarification of what you're aiming for. Last weeks revenue based on 12 weeks ago?



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  • user04420

    Hi Thanks for your reply.

    And yes that is exactly what I was trying to do. I wanted to get the weekly revenue from 12 weeks ago. 

    I'll try to play around your functions and see if it will work and let you know