Downloaded NPS dashboard but not able to edit the Cards ?


Hello Team,


We have downloaded domo default Report for NPS we have plugged our own data but unable to edit the visuals, we want to add filters like date etc. To get the time based NPS.






  • DataMaven

    If you click on the wrench to see the options, you will see many of them are inactive.  I think there is protection on this that prevents editing.  In these situations, I use the sample app as a guide/inspiration, and create cards on my own how I want to.  


    I know that is likely not the solution you were looking for, but at least someone else has confirmed that there's not some secret button you just aren't seeing.  ?  

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  • lucywo

    Feature Disabled

    This feature is currently disabled. Please contact your Domo representative for more information.
    Thats what I got. Probably contact your rep.
  • user03941

    Is it still disabled? I had the same problem today..

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