Chart types not compatible with IOS app

Could someone point me in the direction of a list of unsupported chart types in the IOS app?  It is frustrating to build out cards only to discover they do not work in the app.


Thank you.



  • I haven't been able to find any documentation regarding a feature list with the iOS app.


    Just curious, what chart type isn't working for you on the app?





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  • So far I know the Sumo card and Filled Gauge do not work in the app.  In the app the cards simply state 'No Data Exists'.

  • My filled gauge card is now rendering properly in the IOS app.  I am not sure why it was not working previously.

  • Cool, glad you got the fill gauge working.


    As for your Sumo card, I know currently this doesn't work for us either on mobile. However, my team has a meeting scheduled with the project manager over the Sumo functionality. This will be one of topics we have questions on, so I'll be sure to update here when we find out more.

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