Pivot Table App In the App Store


Sometimes you just need a Pivot Table.


At RXA, we often find ourselves trying to create very specific tables and it can be challenging to get the rows and columns just right, and sometimes it can be nearly impossible. So our team created a simple Pivot Table app to solve this problem, and it's live in the Appstore this week!


When you power up this app, you will be able to pivot your data to your heart’s content. Columns as rows, rows as filters, filters as rows, rows as columns! Yep. It’s a Pivot Table.


To find it, just search RXA in the App store.





  • PodiumMason

    @RXA this is awesome!


    Have you had any success using the built in Sumo cards in Domo? They function like a pivot table. The reason I ask is because you might want to work with the Domo product team to fill in any gaps in Sumo that your app fills, so that the product itself is continuing to grow in functionality, rather than using apps to fill the holes. 


    I look forward to trying the app!

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  • Thanks!! @PodiumMason We've had some success with Sumo cards, but there are some limitations there that we would get stuck on with some clients, so we needed a bit more flexibility, thus the app was born ? 


    RXA will be at DP18 next month, if you would like a personal demo, I'd be happy to walk you through it at our booth!

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