Sharing what solved my issue - video included

swagner Contributor

I've been working through an issue with how best to build a dataset in Domo.  I needed to move away from Data Fusion as an approach to allow for PDP.  I tried using MySQL but that didn't provide a short enough run time to meet our needs.  I was also looking into other software tools to do the ETL work outside of Domo, but ultimately the Magic ETL process I describe in the video is working fine.


In the video below I give an overview of the problem I needed to solve, and the solution implemented.  Like I say in the video, I am not an IT guy.  If others here have suggestions on alternative methods I would really like to hear your feedback.  


Here is a link to the video:


Sharing in case others are facing similar challenges.  


  • Valiant

    Great job detailing how you were able to break your ETL process into managable pieces to reach your end goal. 


    And kudos for including a video walkthrough for others. That's something I may take up myself if others users find it helpful.