Google Analytics "Since Last Successful Run" doesn't work for hourly refresh


I’ve found a rather troubling issue with the new GA connector. If I use the Range setting “Since last successful run”, then set the refresh to hourly, every time it runs it pulls the entire previous day again, not just the data since the last successful run. I understand that Google has a processing time that differs between standard and 360, but that doesn't explain why the entire previous day is repulled. Using the Append method, this results in greatly skewed data and renders the hourly update option useless for the GA connector. I’ve confirmed this issue now on multiple data sets. Any ideas? I now have a mess of data and will need to re-backfill all GA datasets that are set to hourly updates.




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    @AbramBachtiar please have a look.


  • I bumped into this exact same problem today, and I would like to second the request to have this fixed.


    When using "Since Last Successful Run" it appears to take only the entire data from the previous calendar date, and does not even pull from the current calendar date even if the previous manual selection was from the current calendar date.

  • I found a solution to this for the time being, in case original poster or anyone else has the same problem.


    Set Range like this:
    Custom Date Range
    Single Date
    Start Date: Relative
    Days Back: 0

    Then if it updates hourly it will always pull the latest data along with whatever you already gathered, but you can remove duplicates on this end they solve "Since last successful run" on DOMO's end.