Maps not displaying percentages correctly


Has anyone seen issues with displaying Percentage formats in Maps?  Specifically, I want the data and the legend to display as a percentage, however, I can not get the format to stick. When I edit the STATE VALUE format to display as a Percentage (and check multiple by 100), it initially displays correctly as a percentage in Analyzer. However, when I click SAVE, it reverts to decimal display in both Analyzer and in the all the card views (large, etc). If I go back to edit in Analyzer it will revert initially to Percentage view, but reset again when I click save.  See example output.  Anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve this?

Missing PercentagesMissing Percentages



  • Are you clicking on the field setting to format as a percentage? 






    If so, I think you want to change the Chart Properties instead:1.png




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