Beast mode calculations with multiple conditions



Has anyone got a formula for a calculation which uses multiple conditions/parameters? 

For example: If Ad = Rewards and Activity = 'App Complete' then click through conversions

I'm trying to identify which ads delivering what kind of conversion.


Anyone please help


  • RGranada
    RGranada Contributor



    You must be looking for something like :


    CASE WHEN Ad = Rewards and Activity = 'App Complete'  THEN click through 

              WHEN Ad = RewardsZX and Activity = 'App Complete 2'  THEN click through2

              WHEN Ad = Type2  and Activity = 'App inComplete '  THEN click through3



    those are example situations.


    There is a nice video on case statements in this link:


    And some information here:



    Hope this helps.

    Ricardo Granada 


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