How to combine 2 cells in a table chart

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I created a table card that inclues ID, category, lastmonth value, previousmonth value and % change.  For each id, there are 2 categories, thus Id shows in both rows.  I would like to combine the 2 rows for Id so that the ID only shows once.  Can someone help me with it?


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  • Valiant

    One option you have is to use the "Subtotal Row" field. Below is a screenshot where I believe I'm doing something similar to what you want:











    Let me know if you any questions or issues.





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  • I have a couple of thoughts on this one.  Are you sure that you want a table card with only one row of data for each ID?  If you are open to viewing this with a visualization, you can do so with one card and a quickfilter (or with two cards):1.png






    Otherwise, I think the easiest way to accomplish this in a table card is to use an ETL to "Uncollapse" the column:3.png







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  • Sorry, I just realized that I posted the TotalViews Card twice.  Here is the AverageViewPercentage Card:





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  • Dennis_Ong
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    You can create a beast mode formula to split the amount into multiple rows.  Sample Image attached.


    Sample beast mode formula:


    concat('<div style="text-align:center">','Actuals',
    '<br/>','<br/>','% Ach',

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