Alert when change from previous month


I am looking for a way to set up an alert that will be triggered on a change from the previous month. Example is if a client has a 34% conversion rate for the month bu the previous month they had a 38%, and an alert is set to notify of a change of -2%. Can this be done?


  • PodiumMason

    Hey @jbandley, this should be a quick setup with the Alert button on the card you're looking at. If you're looking at a single value for a percentage, you can select the "Maximum of" metric so it pulls a non-aggregated percentage value. Then you can change the "Meets this Condition" field to "Decreases by -" and specify the percentage you'd want to see (in your case, 2%). 


    You'll probably want to think of the percentage as a decimal value since that's what Domo sees it as, so you can set it to alert anytime the decimal drops .02. I think this should give you what you want. Trial and error will probably be a good way to go in this use case.


    Hope this is helpful, let me know if this doesn't work or you have any other questions. 


    Best of luck!



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