Using Last Year Data on a Card Filtered to the Current Year


I have a card that shows This years Sales by month v Budget - works fine.


I want to show a summary number that is YoY% - formula wise, this is not a problem - except that as the date filter on the card is set for current year...meaning last years sales are not available to use in the YoY formula.


Any ideas?


  • Valiant



    We do something similar here with a YoY % change in the summary number. What we ended up doing was just disabling the date filter for the users by checking the "Hide Date on Card Details" option when in the Analyzer.


    We thought about using a "Selector" date field, but when users change the time frame, say to Last 2 Years, there's no way to account for the change if our selector is only set back 1 year. We would need some kind of calculated variable field.


    What would be beneficial would be for us to set the Variance from the Period-over-Period card type in the Summary Number. If they had that option, it would take care of it automatically.


    Probably not the answer you were hoping for, but hope it helps.



  • Adam480925

    @Valiant Thanks for the reply. I sort of managed to bash it to make it somewhat workable in the end. I'll share in a while...