Creating an arbitrary date field unrelated to data to hold every date that exists

I'm trying to recreate a chart that compares Created to Resolved issues (based off JIRA data). How it looks in JIRA below


Domo - JIRA Example.PNG


Where i'm running into trouble in Domo is that I think JIRA just creates a random new date field/range on the fly that isn't included with the data when pulled over. In Domo I have to choose what field to plot the X axis with. In JIRA it's setup to show Last 180 over both date fields (Created Date, Resolved Date). So if I set the Domo X axis to Created the resolved number is off because although the JIRA ticket was resolved on July 9th if it was created longer than 180 days ago it's not included.


Is there some way I can just have a date field with all dates that I can use to chart the X axis then just use the count of created and count of resolved as series? I believe this would give me exactly what I'm looking for. Preferably as a Beastmode/Calculated field instead of a Dataflow but if Dataflow is all that is possible I'll go that route as well.


Also it doesn't appear a MySQL dataflow will be possible as I run into this error "

Identifier name must be 64 characters or less: 'Time until auto close reminder_ongoingCycle_startTime_epochMillis'." unless I change the name of the field in JIRA, I can control how long the name is except for the "_ongoingCycle_startTime_epochMillis" part

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