Delete Blank Rows in Table Chart with columns built with BeastModes




    This question looks like another one in this section but it is different. I have a Table chart with only the first column being a field from the card's dataset and all the other columns are BeastModes Columns that depend on the Time Period selected by the user.


    I get lots of rows in this Table Chart with no info across all columns that I need to NOT SHOW and can't find how to do that. Remember all my columns except the first one are BeastModes with some sort of Aggregation dependant on the Time Period selected by the user.


   Thank you in advance for any help!


  • RGranada
    RGranada Contributor



    I think this depends on the reason why the rows are appearing empty in the first place.

    Did you try filtering them out?


    Can you provide some more info on your data and beast modes?



    Ricardo Granada 


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  • user08815

    Thank you Ricardo for your prompt reply. I tried to filter them out, but Domo says I can't put aggregations in the filters. All my columns, except for the first one (the subject), is a BeastMode of this kind:


    SUM(oneField * aSecondField) / SUM(aThirdField)


    they are basically weighted averages where the user plays with the time period to get different answers. That is why I can't do it in the dataset, I have no idea of the time period beforehand.


    For some time periods, some subjects will have NULL across all columns and those are the ones I would like to disappear.


    Is there like a post-load card event? or something like it?



    My card looks almost like these (my actual card has private data):


    Time Period: Last Quarter

    Person       Average1(BM)     Average2(BM)    Average3(BM)

    John           4.5                         5.3                     3.2

    Mary           (NULL)                  (NULL)               (NULL)

    Paul           2.5                          6.3                     4.2


    (BM) = BeastMode



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