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We use Google Analytics and I have pulled in data from 4 segments.  The data in the table gives 4 rows per day with a column for the segments (there are 4) and another column for my other metric.  I would like to combine the segment name and metric data to a column (ie...'segment name' as the column header with the value being the metric...revenue or sessions) for each segment creating one row.  Any thoughts?


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    Is anyone able to help out with this request?

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    You can try this in MySQL Dataflow:


    SELECT CASE WHEN `Segment_name` = ' Segment_1'  THEN `Value` AS Segment_1,

                  CASE WHEN `Segment_name` = ' Segment_2'  THEN `Value` AS Segment_2,

                  CASE WHEN `Segment_name` = ' Segment_3'  THEN `Value` AS Segment_3,

                  CASE WHEN `Segment_name` = ' Segment_4'  THEN `Value` AS Segment_4

    From your_dataset_name


    If I correctly understood your question just replace `Segment_name` with the column name that contains the segment name on the original dataset, Value with the column name that contains the segment value on the original dataset, Segment_1, Segment_2,.... with your segment names and your_dataset_name with the name of your original dataset.


    Tell me how it goes.

    Ricardo Granada 


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    Ricardo-Thank you for the reply.  


    I used the ETL Dataflow function to uncollapse columns and get the new ones all created.


    I appreciate your answer and will reference in the future.


    Thank you,