data sync failing


Since about 7am yesterday, when attempting to update a dataset from a csv url, I am receiving this error:


Domo is ready, but the request timed out by remote service, please try again. If the issue persists contact the data provider for support.


I have tested the data url and it loads in under 10 seconds when hitting it directly from my browser, but somehow domo is taking up to 3 minutes or more before saying it has failed to load.

Nothing has changed, so I am wondering if there is some kind of number of updates or limit domo is imposing but giving us this error instead? This happened about a month ago as well with sevral randomly failed updates, but is now happening continuously. Anyone experienced this?


  • Chronos

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Apollo
    Apollo Domo Employee



    This is something our support team can help out with. I will get a support ticket created and follow up with you there. 

    Thank you,

    I work for Domo
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